Gain Visibility & Control of Your QuickBooks Inventory

Centralize your orders and inventory across all your sales channels to streamline multichannel operations, boost productivity, and increase profitability.

Streamline QuickBooks Inventory & Operations

QuickBooks Online eliminates the hassle of manual data entry by syncing inventory information from Stitch. Allow Stitch to take care of tedious operational tasks by managing inventory, decrementing stock, syncing stock quantities across your channels, auto-filling purchase orders, and much more.

Automate Your QuickBooks Inventory Control

Avoid manual data entry, overselling and stockouts with low-stock alerts and automatic available stock adjustments as sales orders are placed and purchase orders are received.

Optimize Order Management

With real-time order management and inventory tracking, you’ll always know the status of an order and be able to provide a better experience for your customers.

Unlock Powerful QuickBooks Insights

With actionable reports, you can easily identify which channels and products are driving profitability by quickly pulling profit, stock, COGS, and revenue numbers.

On average, retailers see a 22% improvement in accounting efficiency with Stitch

"Overall, this app has been tremendously helpful to our business. I love that it syncs directly with my QuickBooks account for orders and PO's, while controling inventory for my sales channels from one central hub."

Southern Grace Outfitters