Better Inventory Planning

Make faster allocation decisions more frequently

Spend Less Time Consolidating Data And More Time Acting On It

With easy access to real-time and historical inventory and sales data, you can better forecast for demand, quickly spot performance issues, and rapidly make adjustments to get your sales plans back on target.

Get All the Data You Need In One Place

Sync real-time and historical data across all your retail, wholesale, and financial systems to increase planning accuracy and reduce time spent consolidating data.

React Faster To Changing Demand

Use accurate historical data, actionable real-time sales metrics, and centralized operations to quickly make inventory and purchasing adjustments in order to hit sales performance goals.

Improve Your Inventory Turnover Rate

Run leaner inventory operations with reduced cycle times, better access to historical information, and the ability to buy tighter without running out of stock.

77% of retailers rank inventory planning and visibility as the top needed omnichannel capability

Launching Soon!

We’re working hard to prepare our advanced inventory planning tool for launch. Leave us your email to be the first to know when this game-changing feature is live.