Effortlessly Manage Multichannel Sales

Seamlessly track omnichannel inventory and orders while more easily expanding into new retail and wholesale channels

Manage Multichannel Operations From A Single Platform

Automate Multichannel Operations

Seamlessly sync all your eCommerce, marketplace, brick-and-mortar, wholesale channels, and warehouses for real-time order and inventory tracking.

Drive Revenue Growth

Sustainably scale profitability by easily expand into new sales channels and reducing time-consuming operational redundancies.

Improve Efficiency & Productivity

Automatically integrate and centralize processes to eliminate redundant tasks, reduce costly manual errors, and increase productivity.

Sync Inventory Across Retail & Wholesale Channels

Stitch integrates with eCommerce platforms, marketplaces, POS systems, EDI, and accounting solutions, allowing you to automatically track and update inventory and orders across all your channels from a single platform.

Avoid overselling and stockouts with low-stock alerts and automatic, cross-channel available stock adjustments as sales orders are placed and purchase orders are received.

Seamlessly manage multiple warehouses and streamline shipping and fulfillment with Stitch’s Multi-Warehousing features and shipping integrations.

Quickly Sell into New Channels

Create new product listings on Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and Square by pushing product details to each channel from Stitch in just a few clicks.

Manage stock across all your channels and easily run multichannel pricing promotions to drive sales, optimizing your pricing strategy with tools like our Amazon Competitive Pricing report.

Unlock Powerful Omnichannel Insights

See how your business is growing across all channels. Generate reports—by channel or in aggregate—to identify which channels are most profitable and targeted consumer trends based on specific product attributes.

Retailers who sell on two marketplaces in addition to their eCommerce site see 120% more revenue than those who only sell on a branded website.


Stitch allows us to not think about inventory. We know when and where we're selling products and we know what we have available. Stitch is the brain for knowing where our inventory is.

Mark Hansen | CEO at TopoDesign

Gain Multichannel Inventory Visibility and Control

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