Automate Retail Operations

Improve efficiency by syncing all your retail and wholesale channels, orders, and fulfillment locations.

Scalable Operations Management

Streamline Operations & Fulfillment

Receive, track, and ship orders more accurately with automated integrations across sales and shipping technologies.

Make Smarter Purchasing Decisions

Automatically create and save purchase orders to quickly and easily replenish stock and avoid stockouts across all your channels.

Keep Customers Happy

Exceed customer expectations by always having the right inventory in the right size, color, place, and time with fast delivery.

Automate Purchasing

Set low-stock alerts and automatically create and save purchase orders. Rapidly approve, reconcile, and update stock counts as orders are received for accurate tracking, reporting, and accountability.

Customize & Scale Operational Workflows

Stay competitive and quickly innovate by customizing solutions integrations, features, and workflows to meet your evolving business needs using Stitch’s API and Developer Partners.


Stitch customers improve operational efficiencies by an average of 39%.


“It used to take me 4 hours to upload inventory for a large shipment; now it’s a 15 minute process with Stitch. I’ve gained back 3 hours and 45 minutes per day that I can spend on other, more important tasks."

James Hargett, Chubstomer Service at Chubbies Shorts


Streamline Flexible Omnichannel Operations with Stitch