Omnichannel Order Management

Manage all your retail and wholesale orders from one location for increased efficiency and streamlined fulfillment

Streamline Orders for Faster Fulfillment & More Loyal Customers

Automate Order Management and Routing

Connect all your sales channels into a single platform to automate order and fulfillment routing and tracking for increased efficiency and visibility.

Optimize Omnichannel Fulfillment

Deliver fast and flexible fulfillment across sales channels, warehouse locations, and 3PLs to meet customer demands and reduce shipping costs.

Maximize Profits Per Channel

Uncover sales trends, analyze channel growth, and track profitability with unified order data and comprehensive reporting.

Cross-Channel Order Visibility & Insights

With visibility into every order from every retail and wholesale channel, you can easily search and monitor order status in a single view, ensuring shipping deadlines are met.

Use comprehensive reports to understand which products are driving your business—in aggregate and by channel—as well as what retail or wholesale channels are most profitable.

Omnichannel Fulfillment Flexibility

Access inventory across channels to strategically fulfill orders from your warehouse(s), third party logistics (3PL) provider, or drop shipping suppliers.

Easily change line items on orders, auto route orders based on location, and even automatically send non-Amazon orders to Amazon FBA for fulfillment.



On average, retailers see a 39% increase in order management efficiency with Stitch.


"Stitch Labs has been fundamental in the management of our company. With over 28 million combinations of bed sheets, we are at the mercy of our inventory. Stitch keeps our inventory intact and ready to sell."

Brad Westerop, Founder at Bedface


Streamline Multichannel Operations with Stitch

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